What's on the shelf?

Insider Montessori tips & activities to engage your child

A free, age-based online workshop inspired by your child's developmental stage.

A live workshop for parents of all experiences.

Participants of our free workshop will enjoy a live experience of Montessori inspired play activities for their little one - aged from birth to three years.

During this interactive presentation you will:

  •    Discover how to use Montessori inspired toys and activities.
  •    Learn what to provide to meet your child's needs.
  •    Experience toys in use by babies and toddlers.
  •    Build a repertoire of activities for your child.
  •    Explore opportunities to learn more about what is going on for your baby/toddler.
  •    All experiences are mindfully presented to fit the context of the home and appropriate for your child’s age and stage.
Rachel and Ruthanne - Bell and Ribbon Founders

About the hosts

Together we share decades of combined experience and expertise in child development - from pregnancy through adolescence.

Our life work has enabled us to resonate with the journey and the challenges parents face. Our guidance and expertise has helped thousands of parents. We guide parents, as it is the parent who has the greatest impact in the life of their child.

We have seen the immense benefits of sharing our knowledge, guidance and support - unlocking each parent’s true potential. This is the reason for Bell and Ribbon.


I'm very excited to be part of this nurturing and informative parenting community. The amazing benefits I have gained as a parent, gently and lovingly guided by Bell and Ribbon are accessible here for all parents.  I can highly recommend this to all  parents..

Laurentine Colquhoun Ten Bosch, Australia

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