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Rachel and Ruthanne - Bell and Ribbon Founders

About the hosts

Together we share decades of combined experience and expertise in child development from pregnancy through to adolescence.

We specialise in child development, teaching and parenting. Both holding internationally recognised A.M.I Montessori qualifications.

We have worked extensively with many families, parents and children. Our life and work have enabled us to resonate with the many challenges parents face.

We are committed to inspiring the best in parents like you. Empowering you with the knowledge to establish your child's best possible foundations for life.

Think of us as your parenting consultants and know we are here with you on your parent journey to a calm collaborative family home.

Love Ruthanne & Rachel xx


I'm very excited to be part of this nurturing and informative parenting community. The amazing benefits I have gained as a parent, gently and lovingly guided by Bell and Ribbon are accessible here for all parents.  I can highly recommend this to all  parents..

Laurentine Colquhoun Ten Bosch, Australia

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