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Do you want to feel confident in your choices when parenting?

Do you want to know how to provide to ensure optimal foundations for your child?

Would you like a calm, collaborative home founded on Montessori principles?

Do you want your child to have a love of learning, to be independent and to feel good about themselves?

Do you want support so, you can guide your child to their potential and greatness?

We can absolutely help you!

Stop feeling confused, inadequate, guilty or not enough. Start being the parent you want and deserve to be. Enjoy watching your family thrive and guide your child/ren to their greatness.

You can create a home in which each family member thrives. You DO NOT have to deal with overwhelming behavioural issues. You only need to learn to understand the needs of your child.

All the information, you need, is packed inside the Bell and Ribbon Learning Community

So you don't have to go through...

  • Unexplained tranrums
  • Feeling like you didn't get the handbook
  • Unintentionally setting your child's voice to "I'm not good enough" "I can't"
  • Being confused by Montessori
  • Not knowing where to start or what to provide

STOP feeling confused, START being the parent you want and deserve to be. Enjoy guiding your child to their greatness!

The big picture of parenting.

Discover, learn, experience, build & create.

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Rachel and Ruthanne - Bell and Ribbon Founders

From the Creators

Together we share decades of combined experience and expertise in child development from pregnancy through to adolescence.

We specialise in child development, teaching and parenting. Both holding internationally recognised A.M.I Montessori qualifications.

We have worked extensively with many families, parents and children. Our life and work have enabled us to resonate with the many challenges parents face.

We are committed to inspiring the best in parents like you. Empowering you with the knowledge to establish your child's best possible foundations for life.

Think of us as your parenting consultants and know we are here with you on your parent journey to a calm collaborative family home.


Here's what our community is saying about Bell & Ribbon

I'm very excited to be part of this nurturing and informative parenting community. The amazing benefits I have gained as a parent, gently and lovingly guided by Bell and Ribbon are accessible here for all parents.  I can highly recommend this to all  parents..

Laurentine Colquhoun Ten Bosch, Australia

What's inside

Interactive Online Workshop

Blended, self-paced learning experiences provided through information, video, interviews, eBooks and action tasks bring knowledge to life and real meaning to your parenting.

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Interactive Parenting Workshops

What's inside

Parenting Book Club

Share the books that meet your needs for quality parenting information. These are the ones you simply can’t parent without. We ensure our parenting community benefits by making the best of the best available for purchase.

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Interactive Parenting Workshops

What's inside

Parenting News

Our monthly Newsletter will keep you informed and up to date with what’s new and worth knowing about in parenting and related research topics.

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Interactive Parenting Workshops

What's inside


Choose from our library of hand picked videos to inform and inspire or simply to keep you smiling.

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Interactive Parenting Workshops

What's inside


From the comfort and convenience of your home, connect into live streaming of Bell and Ribbon parenting talks, presentations or special focus groups.

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Interactive Parenting Workshops

What's inside

Child development knowledge and parenting strategies to ensure your child/ren can establish rock-solid foundations for life!

  • My Montessori Baby
  • A complete Montessori approach to babyhood with guidance, including video, matched to progressively share all that's required for your baby, at every age and stage.
  • My Montessori Toddler
  • Everything Montessori for toddlerhood with practical guidance and resources.
  • Downloadable E-Books, Guides, Checklists & Practical Resources

  • BONUS:

  • Bi - Weekly Parent Circle
  • Join a live online guided conversation, connect with your Montessori parent community to share your joys and get specialised assistance to your everyday challenges.
  • Access a library of Videos, Webinars and Interviews
  • Book Club with our recommended reads
Interactive Parenting Workshops

I’ve implemented many practices in my home and parenting guided by Bell and Ribbon. I am continuously inspired and feel absolute confidence in my parenting.

Amanda Majane, Australia


In the year Baby B had at home with his family I was following all the guidance and development opportunities that Bell and Ribbon provide. When baby B began family daycare the woman in charge, who has decades of experience and has coordinated daycare facilities all over Qld, said this:“I’ve rar...

Becky and Graham Gun, Australia


Thank you Bell and Ribbon, we feel confident and informed as parents and our children are truly joyful. Every day we experience the benefits of your informed guidance and love.

Jay and Hannah Sherwell, Australia

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